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  mama snake.
your daily dose of juju of automatic loveletter, the runner up on season two of the voice and a pirate gypsy rock snakey snake.
Does Juliet wear contact lenses :D? Because every picture of her I see at home or something, she's wearing those same big glasses... or is that just her "thing" :D?

yup, she does!

Even on her birthday, Juliet's treating us to things. xx
Do you know if anyone is capturing the livestream? I missed some of it. :X

i have no clue! D: sorry


she’s doing an acoustic set and it’s being streamed live! everyone go check it out! according to the website, she’ll be preforming some new songs as well as some old ones! 


juliet simms → tattoos 

i couldn’t fit her thigh, the saviour lyrics, or her prison tat, so oops. 

1. a feather on her left shoulder blade to symbolize her cherokee heritage.

2. a jaguar/panther/whatever on her right shoulder blade to symbolize the struggle of climbing to the top.

3. “happiness is a warm gun” above her left breast, which is a lyric/song by the beatles, and one of her favorites.

4. the line from shakespeare’s play, romeo and juliet, o’ romeo, romeo!”, likely put there due to her more hopeless romantic tendencies & in relation to her name

5. a dagger through a heart with the words “true love” written on the banner/ribbon wrapped around it, located on her left shoulder. 

6. a symbol from the movie willow that juliet got with her ex-boyfriend/tour manager, parker.

7. a skull on her left middle finger (might be right hand, i’m not 100% sure)

8. an eagle on the inside of her right arm, which is another tribute to her cherokee heritage.

9. the line from billy joel’s only the good die young, that reads “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints” underneath a cross & chain on her left wrist/index finger.

10. a rose on her left hipbone

11. an arrow on her left (same hand as the skull) pinky, which is similar to her good friend sierra kusterbeck’s tattoo, but it’s unlikely that they are related as they were gotten at separate times.

12. a snake wound around juliet’s left calf and ankle

13. the words “i believe in yesterday” from another beatles song, yesterday.

14. the word andy written on her left shoulder, which is the name of her boyfriend of a year and a half now, andy biersack. unpictured but further down on that same arm (right above the elbow) is lyrics he wrote to a song called saviour, reading “when i hear your cries; praying for life, i will be there

15. the words “white rabbit”, which is another tattoo she got for andy on her right hand (he has the word “dragonfly” on his left hand)

16. “i carry the fire” on the inside of her right arm, which is a phrase important to her family and herself, as well as the title to a song she wrote on the kids will take their monsters on.

(Source: monsters-on)

remember when we were trying really hard to find pictures of juju as the mad hatter? well here’s another one.

Wonderful Blog :))) Following!

thank you! c: